Rhiparida leaf beetles defoliating Manilkara zapota (chiko)

On 17 June 2015 Tommy Marler brought me some specimens of beetles defoliating chiko. I identified the beetles as follows, pinned them, and put them in the UOG insect collection:

12 - Rhyparida sp.

4 - Phytorus lineolatus (Note that this species has been revised as Rhyparida lineolatus. See [1]

4 - Myllocerus sp.

Gressitt 1955 [2] lists Phytorus lineolatus as being on Guam, but not Phytorus sp.

Schreiner 1991 [3] reports "Rhyparida sp. is a small brown chrysomelid which appears identical to a species frequently intercepted in the U.S.A. on aircraft and military cargo originating in in East and Sout-East Asia (R. E. White pers. comm.) This beetle was first collected on Guam in 1985. Its hosts are unknown, but adults are found commonly in lawns, and it seems likely the larvae may be root feeders on lawn plants."


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