Possible Observation of the Caterpillar of a Rare Appias sp. Butterfly

Description from Schreiner and Nafus [1]:

Appias paulina (Cramer)

Guam. Palau

Common albatross. Range: Sri Lanka to Taiwan to Australia and Samoa. The larva has a yellow head with dark spots , and a green body with black spots and a whit dorsal line. Although there are many specimens of this species in the Bishop Museum originating from Guam, it has not been observed there in recent years. Its probable host is capers.

Other Info

According to New 2005 [2], Appias paulina has not been collected on Guam since the 1940s.

New [3] revised Appias. He redescribed the Appias species on Guam as a Appias mariana, endemic to the Mariana Islands and possibly extinct.


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